There is nothing as exciting as planning a home remodelling with an approved equity loan, line of credit loan and even your own savings. The changes you can make to the house to make it more desirable and increase the value is endless. Since you will be making these changes every now and then, there is no need to overdo the finances and end up paying more on the loan and not enjoying the home.

Here is what you can do for a pocket friendly renovation that will do the trick

You should leave your toilet, sink and tub where they are

When you are planning to remodel your home, it is pretty simple to create a new plan floor. The problem is, most people do not consider what it costs to move the tubs, sinks, toilets and all the planning that is associated with the plumbing. Thinking about all these plans could be a headache and going through with the plans could cost you a lot more than you can afford. Unless the plumbing does require some replacement, you can look for other ways to renovate those areas of the home. Replacing the bath tab and adding a new color and a decorative mirror will change up the style in your bathroom for a cheaper cost

Work with what you have

An old bathtub that has digs or chips is easily fixed by renewing or filling it with fibreglass even a refinishing kit will make your tub as good as new. Fixing what you have won’t cost you as much as getting an entire renovation. You can keep the parts of your home that you like and refurbish the styles to make them look as good as new.  Save more money by using affordable materials to fix the home. 

Use affordable materials where you can

Some people prefer stone slabs or granite over the kitchen counter tops. These materials are pretty expensive and can cost you more than twice what you could have spent on the project. To cut the cost in more than half, you could mix and match the tile and add two or three expensive tiles for a unique and eye catching design. Repaint and gloss the cabinets in the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. If the doors seem old, you can use the same technique to refurbish and also change the locks instead of replacing the whole doors

Solar orientation can change the perspective of your whole house

It is very important to consider all the aspects of the home when you are dealing with remodelling. Home construction and remodelling deals with more than just the furniture, floors and ceilings. Windows are a big part of the home and they can change a lot in a room. Installing larger windows that allow the light to shine will make the house appear brighter, larger and more modern. Windows on the north and south side will allow ventilation and light.

Change the light fixtures

Arguably, light makes the house brighter and bigger which is better for most home owners. You can change the location and type of fixtures to emit a stronger light into the living room area to make it appear larger and more modern.